Accounts for companies

Accounts for companies works with business of all sizes!

Whether you are ordering cartridges for your home office or for a big business, it will be a pleasure to work with you. Technocentre was designed to meet your needs: whether you need us to send an order to several locations, to send you quotes or for any other requests that your company might have. It is also possible to evaluate, case by case, the possibility of offering payment terms or price reductions for some companies.

Application for Credit Account

To open a new account you will be required to submit a credit application to our credit department. This can be done by accessing the credit application online.

Download the Credit Application Form here.

The turnaround time to set up a new account will be dependent on the credit information supplied and the response time of the credit contacts.

For questions, contact us at (514) 745-5678 or send us an email at the following address: